We’re not just a business.

Although we are a natural supplements and nutrition company, we aspire to be more than one. At Mineral Medix, we craft and cater our products carefully using our simple philosophy. We formulate potent and natural supplements by combining traditional medicinal practices from around the world, paired with modern technology and science.

Our Mission:
In our current dietary climate, it is challenging to maintain a balanced diet – which could result in a lower nutritional intake of micronutrients. Deficiencies can lead to a range of health issues. Even a high-quality diet alone, may at times be insufficient. Your body does not efficiently absorb certain compounds in foods, and supplementing with high quality, potent supplements and vitamins can increase retention of these vital micronutrients. We then, through the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors, formulate the ideal components to supplement your body and mind.

Commitment to quality:
We also highly value our quality of operations, as to ensure that you receive the best in not only ingredients but quality too. All of our products are reviewed and approved by Health Canada, and our manufacturing process is subject under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards. Our team consists of industry experts and veterans with extensive backgrounds in various fields of health, nutrition and science.